Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Natural Wonders of Finger Lakes Wine Country: Keuka Lake

While all of the lakes in Finger Lakes Wine Country should be considered natural wonders, one of the lakes really stands out.  The Finger Lakes were carved into the earth by glaciers millions of years ago.  They are long and slender and resemble fingers stretched out across western New York.  Among all of these long and thin parallel lakes is a smaller, oddly shaped lake, Keuka Lake.

Keuka Lake is the shape of the letter Y and stands out on any map of the region.  It's only about 20 miles long - relatively short next to the 38 mile-long Seneca and Cayuga Lakes.  Keuka is the only lake in the world to flow both north and south.  

Keuka Lake is full of history - deep roots, so to speak.  Some of the first plantings of European wine grapes by Dr. Konstantin Frank were planted here, and Hammondsport (southern end of Keuka) is home to Pleasant Valley Wine Company - U.S. Bonded Winery #1.  Not to mention that some of the first seaplane flights by Glenn Curtiss took place over the Keuka waters.

Today, Keuka Lake has wineries surrounding it, including the eight wineries that make up the Keuka Lake Wine Trail.  Visitors enjoy hiking and biking around lake and swimming and boating in the refreshing lake waters.  While this unique lake is more a wishbone than a finger, there's no argument that Keuka Lake is one of the natural wonders of Finger Lakes Wine Country.

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