Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Reasons to Book Your Vacation Home Early

“It’s only February!”
“There’s still snow on the ground!”
“It’s too early to start planning my vacation to the Finger Lakes!”  
If you find yourself saying any of these things, here are what we hope will be some useful tips for booking your vacation now, and a few reasons why it could be the best idea you have ever had!

– To put it simply, if you book early, you’ll have a better chance of getting the vacation home you really want.  Why take the chance that your family’s vacation will be not exactly what you hoped for? 

Payment – If money is no object and you can go anywhere at any time please disregard this section.  The truth is for most of us?  This is not reality!  We have to budget well in advance for our vacations, plan around children, partners, pets and work!  Since your final payment is due 60 days prior to the start of your vacation, the sooner you book your vacation home the longer you have to budget and save for that final payment.

Special requests can be more easily accommodated. Groups that have special preferences will have a much better chance of having their special requests met by making their reservation as early as possible in the year.

Trip Planning – Of course you’re dreaming of relaxing days on or near your favorite Finger Lake, but there’s so much more!  Wine tastings, boat rentals, top-notch dining….the Finger Lakes has it all!   Not to mention planning for your car rentals, flights, gas money.  Give yourself that extra time to plan for all those little details that create the perfect vacation experience!

Peace of Mind – Get it off your list!  We all have a lot on our plate, and the arrival of spring will only add to our to-do list so why not take care of it now and have one less thing to worry about?

To book your next vacation home, contact Finger Lakes Premier Properties by visiting them online or by calling 888-414-5253.

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